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Management quality policy of “Plastic Card Enterprise” Ltd. is oriented to fulfilment and anticipation of the most exacting consumer requirements; compliance with standards and normative documents; production of Manufacturing and sale of identification plastic cards for financial and telecommunication applications, which by its technical and economic performance and reliability corresponds to the world top level; establish a reputation of consistent high quality products’ manufacturer on internal and international markets.

The employees of the company should strive for making the products of “Plastic Card Enterprise” Ltd. to be associated with high quality and arouse the buying desire.

To set a quality policy the management of “Plastic Card Enterprise” Ltd. aims the following:

To owners: Our activity is intended to constant increase of company’s market-value, support of stable income level and high profitability.

To customers: We ought to give our customers the products of high quality and reliability, to respond quickly to the requirements and expectations for their’s maximum gratification, and further long-term cooperation.

To managers: We ought to provide professional advancement of our managers by way of knowledge actualization; to create conditions for development and realization of their creativeness through transparent system of procedures and processes inside the company.

To personnel: We ought to give interesting, sustainable employment, payment of salary above the average, constantly improve labour conditions; we do our best

to make our workers feel comfortable, become the followers of the company, understand all the importance of the work and use all the possibilities for professional advancement and career development by way of related profession mastering and knowledge actualization.

To suppliers: We are the company, which provides long-term, economically mutually profitable and reliable partnership relations, based on confidence and respect to our partners.

To the country: We ought to be constantly developing company, strengthen socioeconomic situation in region and country, and strictly observe native and international legislation, improve business clarity and predictability.

To society: We are the society companion in fulfillment of social tasks of the region, give employment for population, and fulfil the product quality requirements, observe the environmental legislation.

To business rivals: We commit oneselves to be considerate to business rivals to support effective competition, and we are ready to collaborate in case of need.

For achievement of assigned tasks, there is a functional quality management system in the company, developed based on International Standard ISO 9001.

For efficiency determination of quality management system operation the checkup is planned and conducted, and by its results corrective actions are carried out.

The management of “Plastic Card Enterprise” Ltd. is committed to pay attention to development and improvement of quality management system.